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Been Thinking About...

Take a Break!

There are SO many things vying for your attention... let's take a few moments just for your wellbeing!

Pause. Slow down. Let's take a break from the to-do's and the urgent and... breathe.

We have some breathing reminders, pauses to synchronize your left and right brain hemispheres, some powerful frequencies, sounds.

Invite the quiet, the still, the rest. 

Breathe... Savor the moment... Allow...

Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary chimes in the Black Hills, SD, USA.

Step away from distractions, close your eyes, savor...

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"Intentional time to Pause is sacred, healing, and necessary"

Let's pause and enjoy:

Wayne Cook posture - settle scrambled, chaotic energy and thoughts (here)

How are you feeling now?

   Savor this quiet within...

       May the peace you bring forth affect all you encounter (people & situations)!

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