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Neuro Balancing

With Neuro Balancing we assess the holding and tension patterns in your body and systematically address each to bring your body back “online.”


As you (the client) become aware of areas of restriction/imbalance and as the tension patterns resolve, you will become aware of being in a quieter state of balance. Muscles relax their holding patterns. The nervous system quiets. Breathing patterns relax.  No system works in isolation, but the nervous system, muscles, tissue, fascia, even your internal systems begin to synergize and listen, respond in a much quieter, calm dialog.


A session revives your body's natural ability to move around more freely, feel stronger, more stable, and more balanced with each movement. Your mind may experience a quieter calm, able to deal with all that is on your plate.


This treatment is a blend of different modalities to respond to your body’s specific needs. I have had the privilege of understudying with an intuitive practitioner of this modality. As I was studying under his tutelage, he would say: “It’s just common sense.” This has opened my mind to how much the body is connected and the interrelatedness of the systems.


We consider the muscular tension, nervous system, fascia, holding patterns, presenting conditions and approach the client as a whole person. I feel greatly honored to provide this care option and consider it a privilege to carry on this work.

It's time to let your innate healing begin...

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