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élan Healing Arts provides a unique healing experience for the body, mind, and spirit. We offer a safe, holistic environment to support change and balance in a body that is in a constant state of flux. This allows the body to tap into its innate ability to heal. This time also allows you an opportunity to “hear” the quiet within and discover what lies beneath the surface, to get in touch with you!

Come to a quiet, calming studio where soft lighting and soothing, ambient music greet you... The intention of quiet restoration is discussed. A relaxed, focused interview unfolds to prepare your individualized, unique plan.


* feels privileged to provide your neuro balancing, cranial sacral, myofascial, biomag, and sound therapies, and energy healing sessions

* see Training/Belief tab >>

Tank (Therapy Dog)
* security, morale builder, and goodwill ambassador
* constant reminder to be in the Now, the Present, and be grateful for every day

Tribute to Paco and KC (prior therapy dogs):

* see Tribute tab >>

Paco transitioned in July 2021 and KC in September 2015. They each loved their "work", holding sacred space and maintaining a calming presence. Thank you for loving on each when you've been here for your sessions. Your reciprocal TLC was truly appreciated.

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