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Been Thinking About...

Assessment time


What does that even mean?


Doesn’t everyone do that?


Why does it even matter?


At élan Healing Arts, your assessment time is an important part of your care. Prior to your session, we’ll sit down and discuss your concerns and goals. Then we’ll analyze what your system is sharing by assessing your traps, shoulders, neck, sternum, spinal column, and hips. Often times, a client will comment, “I didn’t even realize I was tender there.” Many realize at this specific moment just how subtle, yet pronounced the body communicates through and with itself! (That in itself can be an amazing realization!)


"I didn’t even realize I was tender there!"


This assessment tells us much about your body’s holding patterns and areas of stress. From there, we can determine next steps on how we want to proceed. Peeling back the layers of an onion is a wonderful descriptor. When ready, a client is able to focus on and deal with a specific tension and area of concern. Once that area or concern is addressed and as the body is ready, the tension may dissipate. The body notes a shift in its balance. Then and only then can the next layer or concern be addressed. Body and energy work and the subsequent healing involve addressing layer upon layer, recognizing differences in sensations and discerning levels of comfort and dis-comfort.


“Well, everybody does some kind of assessment…” Yes, this is true. In passing, I could listen to what you verbally share for the 30-60 second timeframe usually allowed at most establishments. Often, when we are put on the spot, we react by casually saying “the usual” or what’s on the forefront.

Yet by pausing, taking a few extra minutes assessing the muscles/tissue/structure and listening to what the body has to say, more information is gleaned, brought into awareness. We then can make better use of your time and resources, and direct the focus to allow your session to be more meaningful and useful.


Your body, mind, and spirit WANT to be in balance. We have that innate sense, below our conscious level, a desire to return to balance. I invite you to reach out… élan is here to assist you with your wellness goals!


Reach out today to schedule your next session!

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