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Energy Healing - Energy Work

Questions regarding energy healing, energy work? I could mine down and discuss in detail, but I’ll try to be concise and brief. I completely trust the healing power of Jesus’ healing ministry. I want to honor Him with my work. In saying that I stand separate from many in the community, as I cannot honor the homage to small "g" gods and their symbolisms.


I understand the “feel” of the energy under my fingertips and ask God for His direction. I will not avoid this work and leave it to the employ of outside/eastern sources. I claim it back to God and His Healing ministry. There is so much there, we only have a glimpse of the power of healing from the woman who touched the edge of Jesus’ robe.


A wonderful resource that guided my early work is: Called into Healing - Reclaiming Our Judeo-Christian Legacy of Healing Touch (2006 Linda L. Smith)


I’m in a strange place. I do not affiliate with those who practice angel cards or reiki, etc. I will not judge their practices, yet I need to remain true to how God shares in my life... yet I’m usually outside formal church interest or understanding, as many do not understand the work. And that's okay. I no longer try to explain unless God brings a person to me. I cannot NOT follow His lead. I would not be doing my life’s purpose. I hope this gives a little clarity.


I utilize several approaches, as there is not a broad paint stroke/ one-size-fits-all approach.


I utilize Zero Balancing, where you remain clothed, and apply fulcrums, compression, gentle stretches and pauses to allow the body to begin recalibration. A subtle yet powerful modality. 


If a client has a burn or fracture, I utilize energy healing, including Quantum Touch and Biomagnetic Therapy, to connect and heal the traumatized area, connect the nervous system/neuro pathways that are in chaos.


I may employ Cranialsacral work, which is light touch that works at the deeper level - resets/reorganizes tissue and the nervous and Cranialsacral systems.

Gentle Holistic Pulsing may serve when trauma "locks" up, freezes our senses, natural rhythm, and sense of wellbeing.

If a client is experiencing ongoing anxiety, we may also look at work with the breath or vagus nerve.

The body often wants to quiet, soothe with sound therapy, with the use of bowls or the ocean drum. The brain waves naturally calm and come to a place of healing, quiet.


I’m not trying to sound complicated, just sharing that the approach is chosen to fit your unique needs.


This work impacts the mental and emotional as well as the physical aspects--and may in a positive, healthy way! The sense of wellbeing, coming into balance, what God intends for your life is optimal and our intention!

I hope this gives some clarity, especially from a faith-based, Christ-follower view. I honor the sensitivity and awareness God has given my hands and want to honor Him in all I do and how I serve those in my life.

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