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FAQs - What Can I Expect?

Before your session

Hydrate well before and the day of your session. Adequate hydration allows better circulation, range of motion, and elasticity of skin tone. 

Do not eat just before your session. Allow the body time for digestion separate from relaxation.

If you are feeling "under the weather," let your body rest. Reschedule for another time when you can get the most from your session! Both your and my health, safety, and wellbeing are priorities.

If you have a rash or sunburn, you may want to reschedule your neuro balancing, holistic pulsing, or vibrational sound therapy session; we can still proceed with your quantum/ healing touch session.

Health History and Goals
If this is your first time at élan Healing Arts, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete your registration and intake form. You will be interviewed about your health history and areas of concern, as well as your goals and expectations of the session.

During the Session
You will lie on a warmed therapy table and covered with a blanket. Make sure you are comfortable and let the therapist know if you are not. Tell the therapist if you are cold, do not want an area of your body touched, do not like the music, or are experiencing discomfort with the technique or setting.

As a legitimate, professional licensed therapist, I assure you, your genitals or breasts, and any other areas you identify, will remain covered. Only the area worked on will be uncovered. Session will terminate if this is not understood.

NOTE: NO human trafficking or disrespectful, inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. We are adults here - first infraction, done. Let me repeat in case you do not understand: No illicit activity will be tolerated. ZERO Tolerance.

Services are provided with you, the client remaining clothed for your session. Gentle reminder: wear comfy, stretchy clothing (ladies: no compression undergarments--these interfere with lymph drainage and myofascial work) and no blue jeans.

Cancellation Policy

Twice forgiven, then appointments canceled without adequate advance notice (24-hour notice), unless due to an emergency or illness, will be charged for the session reserved.

After the second no show/under 24-hour cancellation, any future session will be available by prepaid session only for a specific date and time OR referred out for future care. 

To Get the Most From Your Session

Be as open to the process as you can...

Relax and try to let your thoughts go. As a thought arises, observe it, and let it go by; then take note of your breath or of being in the moment. One way to do this is to focus on how the touch or technique feels.

Remember to breathe, as this helps you relax. Sometimes people hold their breath when a sensitive area is addressed, yet it is best to breathe through it.


Relax... this is your time...

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