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As I "read" your presence, body, your energy, I consider your session sacred and worthy of respect. Thank you for trusting e'lan Healing Arts for your care.

A Living Soul is Within


Why do I keep learning and reviewing and re-reviewing anatomy and physiology?


"Do not put your hands on a patient until you first know the anatomy under your fingers, the physiological changes that are taking place, something of the pathology that might be there and, more than all, that a living soul is within." ~Dr Andrew Taylor Still

There is communication during the assessment (before the session), and I'll answer questions or comments during, or check in with how the client is doing, but there isn't idle chatter (during the session)... I consider session time sacred and healing.

And as I close the session, I ground, connect, and offer quiet prayer. There's just something sacred about serving another at this level.

"Session time is sacred and healing"

Let's discuss options to help you find balance, healing on your journey.


Call today to schedule your next session!

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