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Assessment time


At élan Healing Arts, your assessment time is an important part of your care. Prior to your session, we’ll sit down and discuss your concerns and goals. Then we’ll analyze what your system is sharing... Often times, a client will comment, “I didn’t even realize I was tender there.” Many realize at this specific moment just how subtle, yet pronounced the body communicates through and with itself! (That in itself can be an amazing realization!)   more >>



Energy Healing - Energy Work

Questions regarding energy healing, energy work? I’ll try to be concise and brief! I completely trust the healing power of Jesus’ healing ministry. I want to honor Him with my work  more >>


My journey thus far has been all about balance. Actually, in retrospect, it's been about imbalance  more >>


As I "read" your presence, body, your energy, I consider your session sacred and worthy of respect  more >>

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