As a proponent for holistic and healthy living, these sites have been valuable on my wellness journey. May you benefit from all that is available for maintaining your own well-being, your loved ones, and for those in your sphere of influence. e'lan Healing Arts is not responsible for the content, claims, or representations of the listed sites.


Sound Biblical Teaching for your journey

Redeeming Grace Bible Church - more >>

Rock Harbor Church Bakersfield - more >>

Rapture Ready - More than anything, I encourage you to view your life from a much larger perspective. What occurs in this short lifespan is minuscule compared to where you spend eternity. I want to introduce you to Jesus, the One who loves you more than anyone else ever could. Reach out... let's talk...  more >>

Zero Balancing 
Powerful touch therapy for body and mind. Deeply relaxing and energizing, ZB touches your core, at the level of bone, to promote wellness and balance - more >>

Biomagnetic Therapy 
Amplifies the body's natural energy to enhance healing. Doable steps for optimal health - more >>


Shirley's Wellness Cafe 
Holistic health for People and Animals - more >>

Natural News 
Under the radar information about health, wellness, options, and current events that affect your well-being - more >>


Holistic Information/ Medical Resource

 Dr. Sircus - IMVA -  more >>


Cancer (Real Care - no burn, cut, numb) - Alternative Options
>> Chris Beat Cancer
>> Connor's Clinic - Dr. Kevin Connors