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Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing

élan Healing Arts offers Holistic Pulsing for an extraordinary experience in letting go of old, stuck patterns and allowing wonderful softening and relaxation!


In a Holistic Pulsing session, the clothed client lies on a warm therapy table. The therapist assesses the holding patterns/blockages on the client’s body, then generates movement throughout the client's body by applying a series of gentle “rocking” or “pulsing” techniques. 


This intentional movement assists in the release of tension in the body – be it physical, mental or emotional. This rhythmic and dynamic form of bodywork allows the client to increase the sensitivity to their body and to simply let go.


Consider water in a stream. Reflect upon the fact that our bodies are comprised of over 70 percent water. With all that fluid moving and interacting, water is the perfect conduit for the soft, gentle transfer of sound, vibration, balance. The rhythmic sensation is like that of a gentle wave, allowing ripples of healing and balance to resynchronize and integrate your whole being. 


Think of the flexibility, the “allowing” when there is free movement. When there are “log jams” or constrictions, there are tense, rigid, holding areas where the energy is not moving, where it is stuck, stagnant. As the ripples spread through the fluids in the body, right down to cellular level, muscles and other tissues “let go.” 


It's time to let your innate healing begin...

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