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BiomagScience Therapy

A Brief Synopsis:

BiomagScience Therapy is a powerful holistic therapy that taps into the body's natural energy flow (positive and negative electron balance/flow). The polarity of the magnet is placed respectively in the proper zone to restore balance. This is a hands-on therapy that is holistic in its approach, perfectly safe, and scientifically based. 

BiomagScience therapy helps to restore the body’s homeostasis so that the body can begin to heal itself.

A Deeper Look

Vitality and General Health Maintenance: this utilizes the approach of recharging the human battery.

Consider what happens when the battery in your vehicle is low: the lights dim, circuitry fails. A similar situation occurs in the body when the human battery/circuitry is low. Scientifically this is known as Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (MDS). MDS is accompanied by feelings of fatigue, illness, feeling "off" as a result of glandular, organ, and/or tissue dysfunction. Over a prolonged period, MDS may weaken or damage the immune system resulting in incomplete healing, dis-ease, or overall poor health. 

Proper use of BiomagScience magnet wafers help to elevate the cellular charge in the body to remedy MDS. As a result, metabolism may increase, come back "online" and experience stabilized energy. This allows the body to begin to heal itself. 

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