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Been Thinking About...


My journey thus far has been all about balance. Actually, in retrospect, it's been about imbalance. In the past I've over extended my efforts at the 9-5 office job, and not given due regard to my health, wellbeing, my marriage or my immediate family. When the schedule was really out of balance, rather than stepping back and regrouping, I gave all I could, hoping I could "make up" for the imbalances "some day."


Well, some day was not good enough, nor will it ever suffice; it never really covered the neglect, the dismissals. It was an injustice and disrespect to myself, my loved ones. It was a violation to my own body to neglect it for the price of the demands of the job. Robbing my body of nutrition, adequate rest, stress-relieving movement, it all takes its toll. And publicly: to God, my spouse and children, I am sorry for my misplaced priorities. Please forgive me.

I now choose to step away from the societal expectations, establish boundaries, and desire to be in a place of connection, reflection, and in doing so, finding gratitude off the beaten path.


I realize the need for the employment, the paycheck, the constant improvement for well-being and lifestyle. I also recognize the toll our lifestyle takes on our body, mind, and spirit.


At élan, the focus is to acknowledge where you are right now, here in the present. And help you as you seek care if the body is speaking through pain, dis-ease, imbalance. I'm here to help you if your spirit is defeated and deflated. I want to help you unwind if your mind won't shut down.


Let's discuss options to help you find balance, healing on your journey.


Call today to schedule your next session!

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